$NQ sub, Guoxin informed the successful bidder for the central government procurement projects

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Guoxin informed the successful bidder for the central government procurement projects

Recently, in the central state organs of government procurement center sponsored the “central state organs of government centralized procurement 2014 annual information products supply agreement Equipment Pilot Procurement “project, the letter informed NQSky EMM mobile management platform through a rigorous bidding process control and expert appraisal After emerged as the central government designated procurement of products, and was selected as the “Central Government Procurement Agreement Delivery” terminal security management equipment product selection procurement list.


Guoxin informed NQSky EMM mobile management platform is a set of mobile device management solutions that help governments and enterprises to IT management capabilities from the traditional PC extended to mobile devices and even mobile applications APP , documents, mail, etc. above, you can also make customers at any time, any place, any access to multiple applications through intelligent terminals and processing core business, government and build a modern high-performance businesses. In particular, it can release staff from the office of the limitations of time and space dimensions, in device security, data security, communications security premise, significantly increasing satisfaction among enterprises and employees, significantly improve work efficiency.

NQSky EMM including MDM , MAM and MCM three main functional blocks. Among them, MDM (Mobile Device Management) can help the government, enterprises and institutions to manage remote mobile devices, including equipment location, lock, erase; mobile applications to install, update; unified network settings configuration; equipment compliance management. MAM (Mobile App Management) can the government, enterprises, internal applications and public applications management, including mobile applications virus scan, update, delete. Enabling the unit to help quickly build enterprise application store, meet the staff unit for mobile applications for unified management demands. MCM (Mobile Content Management) enables officedocuments ( Word , Excel , PowerPoint , PDF , etc.) and distribution and group permission settings; government, enterprises and institutions through a mobile terminal staff can view or download the document. Meanwhile, the file browser with domestic manufacturers to cooperate integrated units provide a better user experience.

Guoxin informed marketing experts pointed out: “With the deployment of mobile information depth in the government, enterprises and institutions, and smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices continue to impact the organization’s existing IT management structure, how to get a mobile device management capabilities, Effective mining mobile information ability to avoid terminal equipment fuzzy boundaries of confidential data due to lost productivity loss and other issues has become a process of information an urgent task, while the letter informed accurately foresee this market gap, and developed NQSky EMM mobile management platform to meet the mobile information management needs of the user. ”

The NQSky EMM winning mobile management platform, the platform will not only mean that the compliance and market competitiveness won the unanimous endorsement of the expert group, also means that the mobile device management market segments products has been recognized by the government procurement sector with strong guidance . We believe that with the extension of the mobile Internet is becoming the dominant force in information technology, the mobile device management market is expected to achieve further prosperity.




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