$AMBS The milestone dates have been set!

Amarantus (AMBS) is a SludgeReports (SR) pick for 2015.

After successfully trading a .04 to .19 position earlier this year,  SR sold before a July presentation that would not meet investor expectations. CEO Gerald Commissiong stated only interim data would be presented in this news release the day before that presentation.

Amarantus shareholders are a fickle bunch.  Despite all the progress made on many fronts, shareholders have turned on Aramantus at the drop of a hat many times in the past.   This time it was simply for presenting interim data on a new version of the Lympro test.  Investors had built up their own expectations for a full set of data.  In SR’s opinion, the press release was an attempt by Amarantus to reel in those expectations.  Nonetheless, the share price tanked as expected on over-hyped market conjecture.

Commissiong addressed the market’s concerns in his last six Chairman’s blogs, yet the market still seems confused and there has been much speculation regarding Amarantus.

While the milestones below have been painstakingly explained in those Chairman’s blogs, they have taken on a new meaning in the 8k just filed.  The CEO performance bonus is now tied to a three month plan of execution.   SR recognizes that the performance bonus is equivalent to 35% of CEO base salary but believes the larger point made is the intention and preparedness to meet these dates.  Some in the market may continue to speculate but shareholders should recognize this as a commitment by the CEO and Amarantus.

SR considers this an opportunity to invest for the long term.  A stock beaten down on misinformation created by the market is exactly what finding better investments is about.  SR will be adding to the existing position the next few weeks.

Nasdaq uplist 30% 12/31/14
Eltoprazine US IND filed and approved for LID 30% 12/31/14
LymPro partner validation of analytical performance package (APP) and CLIA certification 25% 12/31/14
MANF  Orphan drug designation applications filed and approved for both ocular ischemic syndrome (OIA) and Retinitis pigmentosa 15% 12/31/14
TOTAL 100%

2 thoughts on “$AMBS The milestone dates have been set!”

  1. With all due respect-Gerald is an ex football player with no previous experience in the corporate world much less BioTech company and his only reason for employment relation to the founder.
    I have really enjoyed your following on NQ but pump and dump on AMBS? What did I miss?


    1. Appreciate your opinion on the CEO but disagree that it should be a focus of the AMBS story. Many people have multiple careers and have played sports. Stereotyping anyone based on a previous career is prejudicial to their overall abilities, education, and skills.

      The team surrounding the CEO includes many industry veterans who can provide valuable insight to the game plan for carrying this ball over the goal line.

      While over the previous year SR would agree there have been some pumps and dumps of this stock, it was not done by SR. Rather penny stock promoters got involved to make a fast buck before more information was released regarding progress on the pipeline.

      It should be noted there are no revenues yet and there aren’t any expected for at least another quarter, however the pipeline that should roll out over the next few years is intriguing.

      SR is investing in AMBS for the long term since it became a SludgePick in September. The new information provided over the last 4 months makes this a potential valuable long term speculative position in a portfolio.


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