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$BTX in a surprise move, OncoCyte withdrawals it’s listing application

OncoCyte filed to withdraw it’s listing application today.  Filed in early October, Biotime investors have waited with anticipation for an update on OncoCyte share distribution and record dates.

Investors shouldn’t be concerned though, the plan has simply changed.  With the withdrawal from the OTCBB, a new application was filed for the NYSE.  OncoCyte is going to the big boards!



$BTX Dual Listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), joining TA-100, TA-75, TA, TA Biomed, TA BlueTech, and TA-Technology on 10/6

BioTime shares (ISIN: 1136365) will be added to the following TASE Indexes in early trading on Tuesday, October 06, 2015,

  • TA 100
  • TA-75
  • TA-Biomed
  • TA-BlueTech
  • TA-Technology

Biotime  is being added as part of  the “fast track” Dual Listing inclusion of new shares on the stock exchange.   The next scheduled semi-annual index reconstitution is in December.

The percentage of each stock index will be determined on Wednesday,  September 30, 2015.

Source: TASE BTX Events

$BTX – Biotime is an official SludgePick for 2015 (and beyond)

SludgeReports (SR) has been following BTX for a while and feels the catalysts are now lining up for this to be a SludgePick for 2015 (and beyond).

SludgePicks/Biotime (BTX)


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$BTX a long term buy and hold – $ASTY

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$ASTY May be a MOMO and Long Term Play

$BTX a long term buy and hold – $ASTY

Sludge Reports has been in BTX since mid-2013.  While suffering some red in the portfolio, shares were added to the position confidently.  This long term hold is truly worth holding a long time!  There is value to be unlocked for years.

While a Research Report was in the works,  yesterday’s Renshaw presentation was truly comprehensive on both the science and investment fronts.   BTX is moving from a research phase company into revenue generating phases on some fronts.

BTX’s Renshaw presentation replay

Also of note are the insider transactions. Pay particular attention to Neal Bradsher’s (Broadwood) transactions.Neal is a director at Questcor and Biotime (see below).  Over the preceding year, Neal moved profits from Questcor into Biotime, adding on some nice dips.   Neal is a long term investor in all positions.  He isn’t a trader, but rather a long, long term value investor.

BTX is 40% owned by long term investors.  Shorts shouldn’t get their hopes up that Neal will sell any shares until we are well into the 2020s.

Issuer Filings Transaction Date Type of Owner
QUESTCOR PHARMACEUTICALS INC 0000891288 2014-08-14 director
COMARCO INC 0000022252 2014-08-13 10 percent owner
BIOTIME INC 0000876343 2014-07-22 director, 10 percent owner
Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. 0001572552 2014-06-16 other: See remarks section.
STAAR SURGICAL CO 0000718937 2013-12-12 10 percent owner
0000881695 2013-06-24 10 percent owner