Amarantus (AMBS)


  • started trading AMBS in August 2013 with a long term core holding at .04
  • Price targets
    • Short term .18 (success)
    • Medium term .32
    • Long Term .65

The Good, the Bad, and the Sludge!

  • Good
    • Multiple drugs in the pipeline with an Alzheimer’s diagnostic (Lympro) that many expect to generate revenue in early 2015
    • MSA for Lympro signed with ICON early September 2014
    • Up-listing off the OTC scheduled for late 2014/early 2015
  • Bad
    • CEO reported Lympro data would be delayed until 2014Q3 due to an issue with a contractor.  Company took over data analysis management and fired contractor.
    • 1 billion additional shares will be voted on.  CEO states institutions and fund managers requested additional authorized shares, before they invest during up-listing, to ensure liquidity and leverage for partnership deals, additional IP licensing, and acquisitions.  May also be used for Diagnostic division spin off.
  • Sludge
    • It’s a penny stock!  No two ways about it.

Upcoming potential catalysts

  • Lympro
    • Final data Sept/Oct 2014
  • MANF
    • Orphan Drug Designations – Wolframs 2014Q3/Q4
    • Human trials start 2014Q4
  • PhenoGuard
    • Updated plans expected 2014Q4
  • Eltoprazine
    • Updated plans expected 2014Q4


Chairman’s Blog


Company Website





2 thoughts on “Amarantus (AMBS)”

    1. JP Amarantus is a discarded stock that no one on Wall Street will touch long. SR has tweeted warnings, not sure what else you would want, since there is little to no money to be made being short now either. In simpler terms, only stocks that have a potential for profit get attention, whether that attention is long or short. Not worth anyone’s time anymore.


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