NQ Is Pangea Mobile the ‘stealth’ startup hinted at last October?

Sludge Reports has long wondered if Pangea Mobile was the stealth new company mentioned by NQ last October.

About the same time (June 2014) many shorts were barking that Gods and Dragons became Dragon Tactics, and accused FL Mobile of losing this hit game, Pangea’s website fit the bill for a new company that engages in mobile game development and promotion.

From the 2013-10-07 SEC filing

On September 6, 2013, the Group entered into an agreement to establish a new company, which will engage in mobile game development and promotion. The Group will own 51% equity interest of the new company.

From Pangea Mobile’s website

We are based in San Francisco, Beijing, and Hong Kong. We are still a stealth startup. We focus on emerging sectors and markets and provide them an ad platform solution that scales extremely well. Our partnerships are extremely important to us, and it is reflected in the products that we deliver.

Our founders are from major social gaming companies from San Francisco / Bay Area and in Beijing.

NQ Mobile and FL Mobile also happen to be the first listed partners.


The developer back in 2011, Derrick Chen, has the tapnerds.com  domain registration that shares the same IP address as PangeaMobile.com ( whose registration is marked private.

Is this the new company that NQ entered into an agreement for 51% last year? 


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