NQ Mobile – Interview with Omar Khan and Matt Mathison

In the coming weeks,  Sludge Reports will produce a series of articles revealing important key takeaways of our meeting with NQ Mobile executives.

Updates and new articles will be announced on $NQ Twitter stream.

Part 1 – We asked, NQ answered, Here it is!

Part 2 – Business strategy explained!  How NQ got from there, to here,  and beyond.
网秦:详解发展战略 如何从过去跨越未来

Part 3 – Hey NQ, so what about these shorts? (and other misc. topics)

Special thanks to Taurus financial news for Chinese language versions. 


3 thoughts on “NQ Mobile – Interview with Omar Khan and Matt Mathison”

  1. Very appreciated you taking time and effort to compose this report and share it. Also, you may want to consider make one minor edit to replace KAHN with KHAN throughout the article. No need to let shorts take a cheap shot for that.


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