NQSky helps banks expand into new areas of mobile service

Banking Regulatory Commission approved  a joint bank effort consisting of 15 branches, 22 sub-branches, and 11 thrifts, providing self-service banking outlets throughout urban and rural areas to promote mobile micro-loans and other mobile applications.

NQSky’s Sky Server deployment now supports enterprise asset management strategies for the cross-platform (IOS and Android) cloud computing environment.

The IT manager said: “in the context of mobile information technology, the rapid growth of mobile financial services were built quickly to meet business goals, but at the same time, the IT Department faced increasing pressure of mobile support, mobile device loss, data leaks and other problems. These become obstacles to development of future goals. To this end, information management solutions were introduced to achieve unified device management and application configuration management goals that ensures the mobile micro-credit service of our Bank is well-developed, and at significant cost reduction.”

Mobile micro-loans and other mobile applications launches will be  step by step, across more and more cross-platform mobile devices through an Enterprise App Store that allows one-button operation to batch publish, update, or uninstall.

Equipment life cycle management became more standardized and inventories are now at a glance. Current and historical device and application use records are also now available. Basic device registration, activation, and elimination are now easier.

Loan managers can easily install, update, and run mobile micro-credit reference and mobile loan applications, improving efficiency and giving customers a new experience.

Because NQSky is simple and convenient, it saves a lot of  manpower, time,  and money.


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