NQSky helps the EPA improve mobile capacity

NQSky’s Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Asset Management (MAM), and Mobile Security Management (MSM) were selected by a provincial EPA government department, in charge of environmental protection.

The EPA’s goal of saving IT Management time and money, while ensuring data confidentiality and device security, were successful with minor customizations to NQSky’s standard offerings.

NQSky’s MDM functionality provided comprehensive control over assets allowing a mobile terminal platform to centrally manage passwords, remote batch data and application operations, and WIFI, VPN and other asset configurations. Global Asset management provided real-time location and status of each device.

NQSky’s Mobile Asset Management (MAM) provided a unified platform for distributing and updating enterprise applications to enforcement officers any time through the establishment of an Enterprise Application Store.

NQSky’s  Mobile Security Management (MSM) ensures the data security when a device is lost, by remotely locking the device and erasing confidential data and enterprise apps to prevent disclosure.  Device locations may also be used to recover/retrieve lost equipment.

Customizations included device binding, allowing only specified devices access to the network and auto-hiding the MDM client  device installation to prevent users from killing the client processes to bypass security.


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