NQ Pangea Mobile ties that seem to bind

Pangea Mobile is getting more interesting.

Fl Mobile’s ex CEO headed up a private company last year, around the same timeline as a few ex GREE guys changed jobs.  There may also be a family connection to Derrick Chen, who is listed as the developer of Dragon Tactics and owner of the TapTrends and Pangea websites.  Derrick is listed as the acting agent for Pangea’s California business license, which is noticeably a very basic filing with no board of directors or other execs listed yet.  ‘Stealth’ startup is right!

Everyone mentioned below is also linked to Matt Mathison and other NQ/FL Mobile employees.

Ray Chen  (relative of Derrick Chen?) was the President of FL Mobile and on the BOD until September 2013, when he became CEO and co-founder of a ‘Private Company’ specializing in International mobile game publishing.  Previous experience includes 4 years at Glu Mobile.

Derrick Chen, who worked for Gree International is listed as the Agent for Pangea Mobile per the California business license, with an address that appears to be the same as Stanley Chen’s furniture import warehouse on McCone street.

Derrick is also listed as the developer for the westernized version of Dragon Tactics.

  • Dragon Tactics
  • MD5: 66eb490b7f74772b21e7134f47e79aae
  • Signature SHA1: 3B:D4:EF:8D:D1:9C:48:13:F3:25:98:1B:53:86:D2:B5:6F:F3:EC:DB
  • Developer (CN): Derrick Chen
  • Organization (O): Pangea
  • Locality (L): San Francisco
  • Country (C): United States [US]
  • State/city (ST): CA


Derrick appears to be the owner of the following websites, since they share the same IP and or have him listed as the registered name.

  • taptrends.com
  • dragontactics.com and
  • PangeaMobile.com


Derrick was a co-founder of Deviant a few years ago with Freddie Sinsua, the current Pangea Internet Marketing Specialist.


Paul P. is also listed as a co-founder of Pangea and used to work for GREE.


Jerry Vuong, Operations at Pangea Mobile in Bejing, has the following summary on his Linkedin

Currently enjoying some time in China, working with local gaming developers and sourcing potential hits to the Western Markets. Specialties: Mobile Gaming Analytics, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Data Analysis

And then lists both Dragon Tactics and Amor Blade as the two games he has worked on westernizing for Pangea.  Armor Blade, by Come Plus Inc in China, was released in the US recently.


So the question remains, is this the new company mentioned in last October’s SEC filing?  Did NQ provide the start up funds in exchange for 51%?

Conclusion:  The timelines, family ties, and the fact that Gods and Dragons seamlessly upgraded to Dragon Tactics instead of installing as a new game by a different publisher, seem to indicate this is an NQ majority owned business.


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